People Who Already Use TGT

TGT is already a well established training provider, operating from Dorset since 2007. During this time we have built up a significant portfolio of very satisfied customers who return to TGT for their training and re-qualification requirements year after year. There is a reason for this; TGT only used highly experienced training instructors and assessors which underpins an enviable pass rate in the high 95 – near 100% pass rate. Our customers trust us to deliver what they need. Our portfolio of customers include the following:

  • The primary gas transporters and Emergency Service providers in Wales & South West England
  • A significant number of local councils
  • Large & small businesses, installing gas fired domestic heating
  • Companies providing energy saving products to customers
  • Individuals who wish to begin careers in the gas industry for the first time
  • Individuals sponsored or supported by Government or back to work schemes
  • Landlords who wish to understand their responsibilities under gas related laws
  • Managers, Supervisors and inspectors, who oversee the work of gas operatives
  • Kitchen and bathroom installers
  • Businesses that service and repair gas appliances
  • Domestic ‘Warm Air’ engineers
  • Companies that install, service and repair catering equipment
  • Those who install, service and repair industrial equipment

TGT currently has over 3,000 individuals who attend our training facility to either attain or renew their qualifications in the above areas. We keep providing the highest quality training and our customers keep coming back to us; you can do the same.


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