CPA1 - Flue Gas Analysers

CPA1, Flue Gas Analysers, covers what you'll need to know in order to use a flue gas analyser in conjunction with installation work, servicing and repair of gas appliances.

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CPA1, Flue Gas Analysers, covers what you’ll need to know in order to use a flue gas analyser.  Broadly, the course covers the following knowledge areas.

  • Overview of flue gas analysis
  • The detection and measurement of gaseous particles in the air / flue-ways
  • The dangers of carbon monoxide and it’s affect on health / life
  • Measuring % oxygen levels present
  • The use of analysers to check correct combustion and gas rates
  • Testing operational efficiency of appliances
  • Assisting to determine whether appliances require further maintenance
  • Safe actions to undertake, based upon measurements detected
  • Other ‘site specific’ checks and tests


CPA1 training is normally completed within half a day, plus additional time to sit the theory & practical assessments. Please also note that since April 2012 CPA1, Flue gas analysers, are also a mandatory requirement. If you currently hold CCN1 and are not planning to retake you should complete CPA1 as an isolated assessment. If you are retaking your CCN1 or taking it for the first time it will be included within the CCN1 core assessment.

If you hold the commercial core, COCN1, and will be working on under 70kw boilers, then you will need to complete CENWAT1 and CPA1.

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Reference Qualification  
CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety
COCN1 Core Commercial Natural Gas

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Reference Qualification  
CPA1 Flue Gas Analysers
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