MET4 - Install Domestic Gas Meters

MET4, Install Domestic Gas Meters, covers what you'll need to know in order to safely install & commission domestic gas meters.

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MET4 Domestic and small commercial Gas Meters (up to U40 sizes), covers what you’ll need to know in order to safely install & commission domestic gas meters. Broadly, the course covers the following knowledge areas.

  • Checking the intended installation site.
  • Types of meter boxes and housings
  • The gas connection and meter outlet
  • Securing the meter correctly
  • Ventilation requirements (if any)
  • Tightness testing
  • Inlet & operating pressures
  • Commissioning and testing operation of the meter
  • Labelling the meter and recording installation details
  • Other ‘site specific’ checks and tests


MET4 training is normally completed within half a day, plus additional time to sit the theory & practical assessments.

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Reference Qualification  
CESP1 Core Emergency Service Provider – Natural Gas
CMA1 Specific Core for Meter Installers – Natural Gas
CoDNESP1 Change over -Domestic To Commercial Meters, E.S.P.

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Reference Qualification  
MET4 Install Domestic/Commercial Diaphragm Gas Meters
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