BoilDiagTrain - Boiler Diagnostics

This training-only module provides you with all you need to know to correctly identify and rectify faults in modern condensing and combi boilers. This training builds upond knowledge gained during your CCN1 and CENWAT qualifications. This course runs out of our South Wales Centre in Treforest. Ring 01443 841720 to book or enquire

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At G.A.T.C we have developed a 2-day training workshop for gas safe engineers. The course is designed to help operatives to successfully identify and correct faults on combi boilers. As part of this development we have installed a broad range of different combination boilers as part of our workshop refurbishment. Incorrect diagnoses of boilers often lead to complaints and a significant financial loss for companies and we are committed to reducing these risks for our customers.

The program has proved successful with both new entrants and existing engineers in the industry and covers the design format and repair characteristics for a variety of boilers.

We have delivered training of this nature to one of the UK’s largest energy and service providers and the success and feedback received has led us to open it up to all of our candidates.

As gas engineers ourselves we understand that this type of work is hands-on and by far the best way to learn these processes is by practising them. For this reason our course is designed to spend 75% of the training working on the boilers themselves in the presence of one of our experienced specialist trainers. This training module is a true step forward for engineers and is a must have for any engineer wishing to become proficient in working on the Combination Boiler breakdowns and servicing.

This course is completely bespoke to GATC Ltd. and is not sold to other training centres.


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CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety
CENWAT1 Domestic Gas Fired Central Heating, Water & Heating Appliance

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