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This course introduced you to the Water Regulations currently in place which allows you to appear on public lists of approved operatives and to work without need of external water inspectors.

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This training and assessment course has been designed for operatives to understand:

  1. the Water Regulations in preventing waste, misuse, undue consumption, contamination and erroneous measurement of water.
  2. How to comply with regulations in practice.
  3. The primary legislation underpinning the regulations.
  4. How to best use the documentation to enhance and explain the meanings of the regulations with specific regard to;
  1. The regulators specification on the prevention of backflow.
  2. The WRAS Water Regulations Guide.

Benefits of completing this course include:

  • Approved contractors need not notify specific installations to the water company or local authority.
  • Be part of a list of approved operatives and contractors generated by the Water Companies and accessible by the general public.
  • Able to work for the large number of local authorities and housing associations who insist that operatives are approved.
  • Approved operatives are able to self-certify their work, reducing the requirement for constant monitoring by water inspectors. 


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